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Personal Experiences in Awakening Kundalini
is a group for students and prospective students of Kundalini. If the Kundalini within you has been activated, or if you just want to learn more about it, this group may be the place for you. It is an online community dedicated to the divine energy that dwells within us all, and all who come with open hearts and an attitude of mutual respect are welcome here.

Kundalini is innate within each of us. It is not limited to any particular spiritual tradition, but appears under various names in the meditative and mystical teachings of many paths. Similarly, members of the PEAK community themselves come here from many traditions and paths, united by our common interest in Kundalini and in the inner journey that Kundalini provides.

The inner experiences and transformations will vary from individual to individual,but nearly all who experience them agree that they can, at times, be very intense. As such, many have found it helpful to seek the company of others undergoing similar experiences. One of the goals of this group is to provide a safe, friendly community where Kundalini people can find support and camaraderie.

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